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Using San Diego as an example, the city has two It's Just Lunch locations which are very successful. I didn't think this should be too difficult for them.

After the date, you are asked to call It's Just Lunch to give them feedback.

I asked if he had seen my profile and they said no. You don't see profiles and they don't see profiles. I'm a very busy medical professional and had spent some time vacationing in Europe and around the U. I spoke with a different coordinator who told me her manager and I had apparently spoke and I had agreed that I was done with IJL and deactivated my file. I told the coordinator of like to speak to this person and it's been over a month with no call from her. But please whatever you do, stay away from this disaster of a service!! I had heard this from a few of the dates I went with Its just not worth it They were just sued by a group of women in New York for the multiple lies they would tell them. Do not sign up or pay this company any amount of money. After a really bad date, they extended my membership free for 1 month, but guess what? I am sure they will come up with a date right before my membership expires and try to talk me into extending my membership. I just flew Southwest and saw the ad in the magazine they provide and they should pull it!!!

I like Southwest and they shouldn't partner with a company that not only takes peoples money but sets them up with such heartache and disappointment which can't be repaid and leaves people in a depress state of mind for sometime. Shame on you and shame on Southwest for a poor choice in running there ad. There are no offices in Edmonton or Calgary, and the interviews are done by phone and Skype by people in the U. While I can see the service working in very large centers, there does not appear to be much of a member base here.

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This matchmaking service is designed for the busy working professional who wants to date but doesn't have the time to invest in going to parties or bars in order to find someone special.

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