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Payment plans are available upon request unless otherwise noted.

Your first step however, before you purchase any package below, is to schedule your free 15-minute consultation with me to clarify your needs and goals.

During the session, we will discuss your goals and any action steps you took since our previous session.

Your information is always kept confidential (except in cases where you indicate bodily harm to yourself or someone else, in which case I have an ethical and legal duty to report).

I am a journal coach and like to incorporate exercises to stimulate your truest passions, dreams and revelations.

However, journaling is optional, and sharing your journal entries with me is also completely optional.

Is there something you have been trying to accomplish for a long time, but just can't start or finish, no matter how many times you try?

Do you feel stuck in an undesirable or unfulfilling job, city, or relationship?

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