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Being that the "Jewish" subject is such a sensitive issue today, it would be well to quote a few Jewish sources below. The WTB&TS does not explain why they have decided to use this terminology instead of the commonly used terminology, they simply just state what the terms means and continue in their explanation of what the Old Testament contains (39 Books) and that the New Testament contains 27 Books. Such were written in the 3rd, 4th and 5th centuries primarily as a response and opposition to Christianity. Dear Pastor R-----, I am confused as to why the Jewish people and a lot of people dealing with the Bible and Israel date history using B. Dear Bev, shalom, This is a fast but pointed answer, but I know you can quickly get more information by looking at the local public library. It doesn't surprise Catholics to see such an anti-Christian campaign, but who is behind this, when did it start, and what can we say to their excuses?

After all, isn't Friday named after the mythological god "Frigg", and Wednesday after "Woden"? is the Latin abbreviation for "Anno Domini" which is literally translated as "in the year of the Lord". Such books are comprised of volumes and volumes of "rambling commentary" by Jewish Teachers who had no religious function whatsoever (since the Jewish Aaronic priesthood became extinct). This is largely based on their religious books called the Talmud, considered to be a "sequel" to the Hebrew Bible, which were the basis of Jewish religious life. E." or that "Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 B. The first thing to be noted is that the people who defend such a change use the pretext that it is done "because they DO NOT BELIEVE that Jesus is the Lord", or that "they do not want to OFFEND those who do not believe Jesus is the Lord." Such a pretext is strikingly odd for a few reasons: 1) If they were so conscientious about giving the false impression that they believe Jesus is the Lord, why do they not likewise worry about the impression that is given when they use the names of the DAYS and MONTHS which represent pagan gods?

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