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On hearing of Ludmila's disappearance, the angered Vladimir annuls the marriage and promises his daughter’s hand to whoever is able to return her safely. In order to win her love he tried to become a glorious warrior, but when she rejected him, spent years learning the magical arts instead.He finally cast a spell to win Naina’s love, only to find that she herself was actually an old crone. Now that Finn had helped Ruslan, Naina will hate him as well.(This and each of the remaining songs begin with an “editorial comment” by the author.The narrator remembers one of the cat’s stories in particular, namely the one that follows.This prologue was not part of the original 1820 edition; it first appeared in the 1828 edition.The head tells his story: He was once a mighty warrior, the brother of Chernomor, who envied him.

A feature film based on the poem was produced in the Soviet Union in 1972, directed by Aleksandr Ptushko and starring Valeri Kozinets and Natalya Petrova as the title characters.Where it once stood, Ruslan finds a shining sword suitable for a bogatyr.As Ruslan prepares to attack with the sword, the head pleads for mercy.She lashes out and he tumbles to the ground, tripping over his long beard.It is the wizard Chernomor, who leaves his hat as he flees. Chernomor is visited by a flying dragon who turns out to be Naina, pledging her alliance in defeating the Finn.

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