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I guess Minwoo is trying to showcase his gratefulness to their fans in Taipi after their concert by wearing our fandom's colour and symbol. I thought it would be a good idea to end this blog with a smile on everyone's face!

Shinhwa are known to be themselves and fool around, so I had to share stuff they did recently that really made my day.↓ ↓ ↓Shinhwa vs Shinhwa Changjo Is there videos of them winning the awards on youtube?

The first one was won on their first stage at the beginning of their promotion week, and the second was on their last ' goodbye ' stage. Our fandom refused to say goodbye before granting them yet another award and making Minwoo yet again shed tears. I still watch their video and smile whenever their faces get painted with expressions of surprise, shock yet utter happiness.

It's all for you guys, Shinhwa fighting~─── ⊱ thx~ Taiwan orange I can't really explain this one.

So many things have happened and I've been waiting for the day I get to share it with you all. Shinhwa have been blossoming lately with activities and now a dating confirmation!

I'm sure you all are excited to read about this so let's get to it!

Our brilliant leader, Eric Mun, is happily dating what must be a great woman for catching the attention of our special man and that woman is none other than the model, Na Hye Mi.But have you seen the most handsome man with his big blue jacket at front row in the group picture?He might appear small to you, but that man holds gentleness and love 10 times his size.She must be having the time of her life now, and I hope he is.Let's all congratulate them on this beautiful announcement!

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