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So you decide to act and apparently you give off an air of "trauma".Whilst some very depressing emo music plays, you question "I… " and then say how yesterday you had been constantly "mistaken" as a girl.『Cancel a format 』) Summary: So basically you're a girl who winds up on the island where W Academy is, and you have absolutely NO idea who you are and where you are and why you're there. You promptly then get up and wander around the island until you get to the city, marveling at all the uber big buildings and all the people everywhere.You somehow end up as a student at W Academy, but you tell everyone that about the blue… (sorry I kind of didn't pay attention here ^^;;) and then you realize that you kind of need to breathe in order to survive, and you pop out of the water and onto the beach. (Actually, I don't think I need to strike out the "half unconscious" part x D lol) Anyways, you look around and you wonder "where am I? You then look around thinking that you need to figure out where you are and stuff, and that you should try and find some person that looks reasonable to talk to and ask about where you are. Your two options are to go either (LOL Hungary and Belarus save you from some rapist) (LAWL when you see France you think "Oh, he looks like an adult person! Good morning" After this the three proceed to talk about stuffs on the way to W Academy.

" You think to yourself about how there are people frowning at Britain, but you don't know whether or not it's because he pushed them aside or if it's because of some experience they might have had with him before ( I think this is what was being said lol) Turkey says to Britain "Oh, Britain. " Turkey then explains the whole deal to Britain and he calms down after hearing this. gets this smug look on his face and is like "(heroine's name)…that really okay?France looks at you like he recognizes you too for a minute, and then Britain says something about putting you into a guy's uniform and France looks surprised and you nod your head at needing a guy's uniform and then France goes back to smiling.Britain decides he needs to go do something slash has something important to do and leaves dressing you up to France……Anyways sorry if stuff didn't make sense, it took me like five hours to make this post up and it's ummm 2 in the morning so lol I'm a little tired… Anyways, gonna get some sleep and then hopefully play some more tomorrow…. My first thoughts of this game are that it's really fun, and pretty amusing!!I've always liked the Hetalia characters, and seeing them in a giant harem otome game just makes me really happy LOL 😛 (Oh, Britain : L) Anyways, I don't know if I'll continue with a translation or anything after this just 'cause that'd be a lot to work on with the way this game is formatted, but we'll see~ Lol I would recommend this for any Hetalia lover, just to try it out!!

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