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She refuses to have an abortion and demands House fix it so they can both live. It's back to a differential diagnosis with Cuddy running the board.

Cuddy suggests that they go through the veins in the neck to get to the liver.

They confirm House's diagnoses and prepare to put in a balloon to clear the clot.Pregnant photographer Emma Sloan (Anne Ramsay) arrives at a photo shoot for singer Tyson Ritter, but she quickly realizes there is something wrong when she cannot read the writing on a chalk board on the set.She quickly checks if her smile is crooked, which it is; whether she can hold her arms straight, which she cannot; and whether her speech is slurred, which it is.He suggests that Cuddy is sympathizing with Emma as they are both older women having a baby through artificial insemination. The third test proves positive and Chase gives the results to Emma, who is thankful things will turn out okay.Emma notices that Chase is in love with Cameron when he looks at a picture that Emma took of Cameron that makes him smile, and Emma takes a picture of Chase.

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