Avira antivir 10 not updating

Is there an alternative in getting the updates, or is there a way to fix the update module of Anti Vir Personal?If you visited the forum link that Rod provided, you will find info on how to get manual update for Anti Vir: See topic: I'm not an advanced user, but I do know enough to set my antivirus to automatic update.I just happened to be at my computer when Anti Vir attempted an *automatic* update. I then checked Anti Vir's logs and found that the *automatic* updates nearly always failed.I did a clean uninstall/reinstall and still the update failures continued.I'm also a member at majorgeeks, and I went there for further research, and found some *experienced* members there who axed their Anti Vir for the same issue.The update progress panel appears in the top right hand corner of the screen and it may be that your friend has disabled it because he did not understand what it was.Your friend should opt for 'Automatic updates' and ignore the update panel, then, he won't need to worry about he does.

The Comodo firewall on one of my computers has prevented Antivir from updating - either automatically or manually.

I have to suggest to them to look up for anti-spyware, or at lease a better antivirus.

Hi, darkdestiny7, I have been using Avira Antivir for over a year and find that it updates automaticcally at least once every 24 hours.

But I'll have to see how much resources it and Kaspersky consumes, as well as the ratings.

After AOL stopped support for the (Kaspersky) Active Virus Shield, I did my homework and decided on Avira's Anti Vir PE Classic AV, because of its glowing reviews and excellent detection rates.

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Their installation will be automatic, by means of a Windows Installer.

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