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I’m not some kettle traveler making a baseless loyalty claim.Regular readers know that I am extremely loyal to United Airlines, fly them often and almost exclusively, write about them even more often, and have accrued nearly 950,000 lifetime flight miles with United—I’ll be a 26 year old million miler flyer later in the year.

Thus, the CPD scheme is based on on-going learning and development and focuses on the individual's learning achievements and how these have been reflected in their clinical practice and service delivery, either directly or indirectly.

And if she was indeed scared of me, how pitiful is that?

Indeed, the terrorists have won when 11.5 years after the attacks U. citizens are scared of a camera onboard an airplane.

Instead, I believe the FA simply could not fathom why I would want to take pictures of my seat and therefore deemed me a security threat and lied in order to get me off the airplane.

Not only did this episode publicly defame me, it made me question my loyalty to United.

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She leaned forward, our eyes briefly meant, then she quickly hid herself again. I asked to speak to the captain—surely this was a ridiculous misunderstanding. Captain: My FA tells me she told you to stop taking pictures and you continued to take pictures. And the condescending and downright nasty way he spoke to me is no way to talk to anyone, let alone a 1K who has held elite status on United for one decade. Even though the 9/11 attacks were over a decade ago, maybe I should have never used the word terrorist in my explanation.

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