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International Klein Blue, as Klein called it, was created by suspending pure pigment in synthetic resin, a process he later patented, and which ensured the dye retained its brilliance on canvas.For Klein, IK Blue represented a sense of boundlessness and pure space; and he worked almost exclusively in the colour until his death in 1961.More than 50 years later, IK Blue remains a source of inspiration for artists and designers: it makes regular appearances on the catwalk, as well as in packaging, furniture and interiors, and even cars (at last year’s Milan Design Week, Ross Lovegrove unveiled an IK Blue concept car for Renault).In these fields, IK Blue’s appearances are regular, but fleeting.Company confirming your purchase.* Ago delivery from the week before and after the two weeks may take.

Riso can’t produce a colour as vivid as IK Blue, but variations have been used in many riso zines and prints.

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IK blue seems to be an exception to this rule, without having to resort to the use of fluorescent inks.

I love the contrast it gives against stark white as it really seems to ‘pop’ off the page,” he adds.

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