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TSB Magazine is one of the most popular in the world for guys looking to improve their "game" with women.And even features a free 31 Days to Better Game challenge.This program begins by discussing, in great detail, the three ingredients of attractive phone use – “sparking emotions,” ”making connections,” and “handling logistics.” “Sparking emotions” entails capturing a woman’s attention by getting her to feel an emotion.“Making connections” talks about how to form a connection over something; whether a nickname, inside joke, or a common interest.It may not be for everyone but it’s definitely worth a look.Bobby Rio is the founder of TSB Magazine ( the leading men's website for dating and lifestyle advice.In addition, this program provides ways to deal with “ill at ease” moments and answer uncomfortable questions such as “Who is this? ” There is also information that helps you deal with awkward situations such as texting someone you just slept with, among other things.Click here for Magnetic Messaging instant access Magnetic Messaging is a good dating guide for men which specializes in teaching you how to use communication technology (mobile phones or IM’s) for relationship development.

We’ll save that information out for you to discover.

In simpler terms, it’s a guide that teaches you how to text your way into a girl’s heart (or pants or whatever).

The program provides some interesting tips and tidbits, but also falls short on certain aspects.

Numerous tips are enumerated in this section, such as not letting too much time pass between your initial meeting and your first text, and not sending more than two texts without proposing a meet-up.

“Sort of dating her” is the phase that occurs from the first date onwards.

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It offers a fun read and interesting tips about how to work your fingers through your mobile phone and build attraction with the girl you have an eye for.

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