Borderline dating

Below are some signs you are dating a borderline, anyone who is experienced in dating one of these is free to add to the list.

- She tells you she loves you within the first month or first few dates of knowing her - she does whatever it takes to please you in bed.the beginning that is, once she has you she uses sex as a weapon until she gets bored of you - compliments you a lot, tells you your the best she's ever had, etc - very critical of other men.

Let's say you are banging one and she's hot and you are aware of her mental illness.

I would still not advise sleeping with one because very few men are mentally tough enough to do so with a BPD.

Just arm yourself guys, and if you think there is a chance you are dating one run for the hills.Then the chick had the nerve to keep trying to check up on me after I moved on and started dating again. No empathy, no feeling, empty at the core of their personality/soul Manipulative, lying, triangulates relationships Makes you feel like the king n then devalues you, causes you to wonder where that person went that you knew aka "splitting" yup this man knows.Like we were just old pals and I had never been wronged in any way. If I can educate, and save a man from getting his life ruined by one of these emotional vampires it is worth it to me.There's a saying in the Bible that says "The devil comes to steal, to kill and destroy" and that you must put on the full armor of god to avoid all of his traps".This is kind of like what you have to do when it comes to these women.

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MY goal is to educate, because even though BPD only makes up for about 5% of the female population these women usually have a lot more partners than the average chick making the odds of running into one much higher.

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