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The 43-year-old told the Daily Mirror this month that she was looking forward to her ‘next big adventure’ and 'after seven-and-a-half years getting up at 4.30am, I hope people agree that I’ve earned a lie-in!

’ However, she faces competition from Lucy, 25, and model Lilah, 27, with a source telling the Daily Mirror newspaper: 'Lisa's job is one of the hottest vacancies around.

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” Him: “No but I know you’re just about to tell me.” Me: “Well, if you insist, I’m a diver!

I literally do a bed dive every evening after a long day. I get that a lot.” And so it went on and on and I would also pose my own made-up questions. Because I remembered to bring my open mind with me ( smart move on my part ha!

) Then one by one, after every 5 short minutes they came and went. That would be so greedy of me, hogging all the air like I don’t have a care. The pair of nostrils that I have works just fine.” Laughter would follow and a huge sigh of relief from my date realizing that I wasn’t actually an ogre on the prey.

It was harder to strike conversation with some but I quickly devised a way to make things a little cordial -thanks to the wine- and in no time there was laughter and beautiful genuine smiles and what do you know…free flowing conversations! ” They would ask a little too nervously than they would have liked to admit. From there the rest of the conversation would flow but I would still notice the guy trying to catch a glimpse of my nostrils every 52 seconds or so just to be sure.

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