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• Mama Bear: Install the parent app on your phone, the child app on your teen’s and get custom alerts every time he posts on social media and every time the app recognizes risky language or signs of bullying.

Free–.99/six months, depending on plan • Text Guard: The family edition allows parents access to their child’s text messages without their knowledge.

“I worry about teens not realizing the ramifications of sending out pictures that can possibly live on the web forever,” Brill says.

In 2010, a 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy in Chicago were each charged with child pornography after they exchanged nude photos.Making teens put their phones away after a certain point at night can also help, says Dr.Lori Feldman-Winter, head of adolescent medicine at Cooper University in Camden.Combine that developmental timeline with a teen’s already raging hormones and intellect (believe it or not, your teen’s intellectual power is comparable to that of an adult), and you’ve got the perfect storm for impulsive behavior.The most important thing parents can do to avoid issues down the road is to address them before they begin, says Feldman-Winter.

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These may include time limits, phone and text checks, installing parental control software and following kids’ actual posts on social media (including insisting they be “friends” with you on all platforms).

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