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While other champions of her generation (especially men like John Mc Enroe, Jimmy Connors, and Ilie Nastase) were snarling, cursing, making obscene gestures, and saying unprintable things, and while even her greatest rival, Martina Navratilova, was playing with obvious hunger and sometimes even what looked like rage, the "Ice Maiden" (or "Little Miss Sunshine," or "Ice Princess," depending on who was writing the story or calling the match) would merely narrow her eyes to signal displeasure, or perhaps mutter something that everyone imagined sounded like "Aw, shoot! And that adorable two-fisted backhand (she first used it as a five-year-old, to compensate for her lack of power; now it's a common sight and is used by both sexes, including Rafael Nadal). She wasn't just Chris Evert, the polite baseliner with the perfect form—she was Chrissie. What no one knew was what she was keeping in, what she wasn't saying, what was missing."I've had a lot of fear in my life, from fear of flying to fear of making a speech in front of a lot of people." She had fears she didn't even know about and wouldn't discover until years later.

These days, it's accepted wisdom among sports fans and tennis aficionados that many athletic prodigies—especially female tennis players—end up paying a heavy emotional price for their early success and the obsessiveness it took to get them there. She was a liar."Someone at a press conference would ask, `How'd you feel about your match? I wanted to be `feminine.' Female athletes were rare and considered masculine and not celebrated when I was growing up."She didn't complain, though.

Some said Norman was more interested in being famous than in being a husband. I think it'll come when I'm not looking for it, when I'm not trying so hard."She's sitting in a couch on the patio behind her house, a sprawling, red-roofed Mediterranean-style place on five wooded acres in Boca Raton, Florida. Behind the pool is a gym, and to her left is a tennis court and guesthouse.

Others said Chrissie couldn't stand a lesser athlete than herself getting more attention (Norman's golf career had a brief, remarkable resurgence shortly after he hooked up with the retired tennis player). Just outside the front door is the garage, which has been transformed into a half-pipe for her sons to skateboard on.

She says she's delighted to have learned her lesson."I know it's a cliché," she says, "but my whole thing this past year was, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

That's when Christine Marie Evert realized that all the fame, money, success, and adulation in the world didn't make her happy. That's when Little Miss Perfect (she was the rare athletic superstar who inspired multiple nicknames—"Remorseless" among them) figured out that holding things in, always pushing forward, ignoring difficulty, and focusing solely on the moment—the emotional building blocks of her professional greatness, essentially—had also brought her close to personal ruination.

In 1980, when Andrea Yaeger was barely 15 years old, she became the youngest player ever seeded at Wimbledon; within three years, she was out of tennis and later claimed that she had thrown major matches because she couldn't stand the spotlight. ' and I'd say that my opponent played too well, that this was her day. She barely had the vocabulary."I didn't speak what I felt, I didn't want to be controversial. John said, `If I had been a little bit more like you and you had been a little more like me, it would have been perfect.'"Finally, there were the people who took care of her."When you're famous, and number one in the world—you have a manager, a coach, someone handling your money, a secretary, people doing everything for you.

In any case, Evert left her husband, Norman left his wife of 25 years, and as tongues wagged and scolds tsk-tsked, the high-profile couple embarked on a glamorous, sun-kissed courtship. Some said it was a case of two big egos refusing to compromise. You don't want to be dominated, but you don't want to walk all over the guy.Evert's in black sweatpants, white tennis shoes, and a shirt that matches her piercing hazel eyes.She has the trim figure of a woman decades younger (she's 56), the loose, relaxed carriage of an elite athlete, and a demeanor more akin to the chastened survivor of a painful breakup (or three) than to the groundstroking teenager who seemed to never break a sweat.In 1990, Jennifer Capriati became the youngest player to crack the top 10, also at 14; a few years later, she was arrested for shoplifting and smoking marijuana. I wanted in the beginning to get his praise and his affection, but I didn't get, `Chrissie, I love you; Chrissie, you look beautiful.' My dad's approach to tennis was, `Don't make errors,' not `That's a beautiful shot.'"When little Chrissie would complain about her father not giving her more love, her mother, Colette, always said, "Oh, that's just the way he is." She also warned Chrissie, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it."Her legions of fans, and the media people who covered her, praised her politeness and gushed over her demeanor. I had a sense of entitlement."Evert makes clear that she's not complaining—"I'm done with the pity party for me. What also emerged was a beautiful young woman who craved male approval, an expert at keeping her needs to herself, an accomplished and successful champion who had very little idea of how to be alone. " screamed the tabloids) to fellow tennis phenom Jimmy Connors (he was 21). I had no emotion left when I got home."In 1987, two years after she had been named "Greatest Woman Athlete of the Last 25 Years" by the Women's Sports Foundation, Evert and Lloyd divorced.Things seemed more innocent in 1975, when Chrissie became the world's top player at 15. For starters, there was her stoic coach-father, Jimmy, a former tennis pro himself. In many awful ways and for all the wrong reasons, she was the perfect partner for a fine romance. There were dalliances with Burt Reynolds, British rocker and actor Adam Faith, and President Ford's son, Jack. "I had a girlfriend ask him if he would want to go out with her and me to Tramp in London, to go out dancing. That was our first date, and we hit it off."What she didn't know then, she knows now."It was doomed from the start, because he was on the men's tour, and I was on the women's tour, and we never saw each other. There was little criticism from Evert's fans (nor was there much blowback after the Mill or Norman divorce: "My fans were always respectful," she says. It was because my dad wasn't talking to me that Martina invited me to Aspen."Martina was, of course, Martina Navratilova, Evert's archrival and close friend.

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