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Time away from a person or task can be a way to establish balance again and emotional distance is a way to repair from pain.With setting boundaries there is always a risk of losing relationships.Because we were built for relationship, we need the support of loving, healthy people to help us set boundaries and say no to abuse.Relying on God’s strength and everlasting love and the support and wisdom from healthy relationships can help us make positive choices to set boundaries.When you start controlling or feeling controlled this is red flag. These are all symptoms of boundary problems and talking with a Christian counselor can help you locate where the boundary needs to be healed and give you the strength to regain ownership of your property or relinquish ownership that is not yours to control.Feeling hurt is also good indicator that your boundaries have been breached. Do you find resentment or bitterness creeping into your relationships?

What is a personal boundary and what are the signs that we need to implement boundaries in our lives? A boundary shows me where I end and someone else begins, leading me to a sense of ownership”(p. In other words, your personal boundary lines define what is you and what is not you, just as property lines define a yard.However, boundaries must be permeable, allowing the good in and keeping the bad out (p.38).For example, the doors in your home are there to keep intruders from coming in, but at the same time let friends enter.These physical boundaries indicate the beginning and ending of property.Also property usually implies there is an owner responsible for maintaining that property; for example, roads belong to the city and homes belong to the homeowners and these people are responsible to take care of this property.

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