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In more southerly continental areas very cold subarctic climates can be found, due to July being slightly milder than the required 10 °C (50 °F).

The region now known as Nunavut has supported a continuous indigenous population for approximately 4,000 years.

The capital Iqaluit (formerly "Frobisher Bay"), on Baffin Island in the east, was chosen by the 1995 capital plebiscite.

Other major communities include the regional centres of Rankin Inlet and Cambridge Bay.

This makes it the fifth largest subnational entity (or administrative division) in the world.

Iqaluit hosts the annual Nunavut Mining Symposium every April, this is a tradeshow that showcases many economic activities on going in Nunavut.

In 1976, as part of the land claims negotiations between the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (then called the "Inuit Tapirisat of Canada") and the federal government, the parties discussed division of the Northwest Territories to provide a separate territory for the Inuit.

On April 14, 1982, a plebiscite on division was held throughout the Northwest Territories.

The materials were collected in five seasons of excavation at Cape Tanfield.

Scholars determined that these provide evidence of European traders and possibly settlers on Baffin Island, not later than 1000 CE (and thus older than or contemporaneous with L'Anse aux Meadows).

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Concerned about the area's strategic geopolitical position, the federal government relocated Inuit from Nunavik (northern Quebec) to Resolute and Grise Fiord.

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