Crazy blind dating

When he asked if I wanted to have sex in a bathroom stall, I took a cab home. I figured he got the message when I practically ran out of there, but 15 minutes later my phone started dinging like crazy. I was so excited to go home, but we couldn't because his car wouldn't start.

I can't swim, so a woman resembling Ruth Bader Ginsberg had to come and fish me out. —Beckingham Palace Throughout the entire dinner my blind date refused to talk to me.

I think I jumped out of his car while it was still rolling in my driveway.

Faced with the challenge of standing out in a sea of dating apps, OKCupid approached Huge with the opportunity to relaunch their Crazy Blind Date platform.

The app matches a user with blind dates based on the user's schedule and location.

The unique nature of the app made for several usability issues that needed to be navigated.

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My blind date was too drunk to drive me home, so I had to call my brother to come and get me.

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