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Of course, starving actors have a hard time scraping money together for food, let alone dating.

We are willing to starve for our craft if necessary.

His love for Star Wars and drawing made him want to become a comic book artist when he grew up, but it was only when a friend convinced him to audition for a school play in his sophomore year that he began to develop an interest in acting.

Borle made his Broadway debut in 1998, understudying the role of Willard in the stage adaptation of the film Footloose.

Borle appeared in a 2003 advertisement for California-based online auction company, e Bay.(On appearing in Don Roos's edgy dark comedy The Opposite of Sex (1998)): "I wanted to do a bigger movie with a broader audience.I realized there are people between the coasts that have no idea I've worked since Roseanne (1988). You embody your character and therefore have so many different experiences that it is difficult to find someone who relates to you. For those of us who are lucky enough to do it, it is a passion that can not be ignored.You need to find someone who not only understands why you do what you do, but who also wants to do it with you.

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