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Seen any bathing suit photos of Clint Eastwood or Jerry Hall lately? That all changes in your 30s and even 40s: You start dating for verrrry specific reasons. According to the Census Bureau, fully 35 percent of people 42 to 74 are single, with divorce and death-of-spouse mostly to blame.You want KIDS, you want to get MARRIED, you're starved for SECURITY. Nobody uses the word “spinster” anymore, or “gay bachelor.” Unless he is one. That represents millions of singles looking for love—and explains why profiles of people at midlife are proliferating on dating sites.Middle-aged men in search of a new life partner may need to drop the red Corvette and learn how to be better listeners.When it comes to post 50 dating, the one big thing they have going for them is that the gender odds are in their favor. In fact, you can pretty much expect to pay for everything until you and your babe are in a committed relationship. One would think they would be able to distinguish between unbridled bullshit and expressions of love and affection after five-plus decades, and even be able to see those not-so-hidden traces of narcissism in that behavior. I certainly can be charming when I want to be, but I lose points for being, as I said, direct. Sensitivity turned out to be the exact opposite of what he appeared to be. I'll take the hit with women over 50 if I dare to be direct and warn them that the charmer who is telling them how wonderful they are today may be unsupportive, selfish and gone tomorrow.This site is dedicated to sharing my experience and knowledge of online dating advice for women, especially middle aged women, over 40 years old.I have been trained as a scientist and have tried to use my training in that field in my writing along with my interests and experiences.

No-fault dating is the standard during middle-age, which flies in the face of the Major Dramas of youth. You get the picture about dating at this age, don't you? A lack of bucks translated to evenings watching and ordering Chinese take-out.In one's 40s, 50s and on, dates more often include dinner and ballet or a weekend in the wine country.When you get older, age differences – in both directions – matter much less. Once you hit a certain age, you can stop obsessing so much about physical perfection. When you hit middle-age, your dating priorities change.It certainly increases your chances for finding great dates! No one can lay claim to it at this point, so it's a more level playing field. College Dating Redux Remember how the only reasons to date back then were A) fun and B) sex? In your teens and twenties, you're not thinking too seriously about finding a “soul mate” or “life partner.” You just want to rock and roll.

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