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We only wish the same for all others who are giving your site a chance." I thank you very much for posting my photo.

Your website has been very effective, and I have received many inquiries.

Again, thank you for your hard work to make impossibles possible. I want to thank you for having this site for all persians to see! We exchanged pictures, talked on line, on the phone and after a month he came to see me. We made plans to get married in August 2000 and we have been married for about 4 months now!!

Meena hello dear isn me and my husband find each other in this site.2 years ago,and now we are married for 1 year and both of us are in iran and now we are in shiraz. I also moved to Colorado to spend the rest of my life with him! For those of you who think it might not work, give it a try and don't give up!! Sincerly, Doost:-) Subject: Thanks for making the impossible, so possible.

Thank you ISN Nima and Darya February 27,2000 ba salam; first i would like to thank you for making this net work for iranian singles. i have been so occupied with work and taking care of my children these years that i never had a chance to go out and meet single people like myself. however i am looking forward to find a good person in the near future from your net work.

Dearest ISN, service providers:just wanted to send my gratitude.

thank you for giving all of iranians all over the world to try to reach each other and touch each others lives.

My personal experience through isn has been not of marriage but of true frienships that "has been angle like"at the times of my life that i have had the most difficult time in my personal life,"I met a TRUE ANGEL "that given my the strength i needed to handle my life.

, this is really works, but you have to be patient and really work on it, good luck secerat name, bye. I have been with a man I met in this service for about 6 months in the same place i live which is great. We love each other very much and feel we're true soul mates.

We had only one idea in mind which was complete honesty.

Taking advantage of the freedom of expression on the net, we got to know each other really well and after only 5 months, we are now happily married.

From successful soulmates, Salam be hamei bachahaie Irooni! Cynthia, an Italian US born-and-raise model and a banker, found me!! In short, she is an uptown girl who found her downtown man. I want to let all the men and women that no amount of money, fame, attitude, etc., can replace Who you really are.....

You belong to a culture that believes in love, respect, and sincerity....

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