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First off, I might be pretty & I might be a great conversationalist with a sense of humor but I'm not so sure it warrants that type of reaction.Men falling in love with me in 5 minutes by just having a conversation with me & not even seeing me naked? I at least had sex with some of these stalkers & maybe a reaction like that afterwards is understandable.There is definitely no hope for me if that's how all guys are going to react to me. I get a connection request from Linked In from this guy who is a diver & has a mutual contact.Generally, I'm liberal on who I accept connection requests from on there since you never know who might be a useful or beneficial contact.

To get rid of the 2 ex-boyfriend turned stalkers I had (one even went to my parents' house on Thanksgiving & left this wrought note about how his life was nothing without me, among other things), I had to tell one I had a boyfriend and the other that I was attending law school in a different state from where I was actually going.His constant yapping is doing anything but bad to these media houses: their patronage is increasing, subscriptions are rising, business is booming. Nigerians react: The average Nigerian dream is to work at NNPC.See what Americans thought about his latest media lamentation. The past two weeks have been nothing but drama in Nigeria as the president aides and everyone in between served us different versions of the president’s health status. To be head of NNPC with that salary and still embezzle shows poverty of the mind is incurable Uq87IIw — Aisha Yesufu (@Aisha Yesufu) February 10, 2017 4. The guys who beat up a disabled guy in Onitsha recently have been arrested and punished. They gave the disabled man, Chijoke Uraku some cash.In the past week, I have had a total of 5 guys harass me or declare feelings they've got no business having. A former friend/person I had an involvement with who has long since been blocked, told "I'm not interested," that kind of thing approaches me at an event.It startled me & frankly I didn't want to deal with it so I dashed off.

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On my way to find someone more desirable to talk to (usually a cute guy by himself), I get a text message from another guy I had no interest in. The Jesus freak says "hi," despite the last conversation where I said he should find someone more suited to him & his beliefs than me since he was not going to "save" me and I knew way too much about the Christian faith to be swayed by any attempt to make me into the frump they'd all love. I go to a fashion show & meet a guy from Italy who says he'd like to learn American English.

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