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This paper proposes a novel fake account detection method that is based on the very purpose of the existence of these accounts: they are created to follow their targets en masse, resulting in high-overlapping between the follower lists of their customers.

This paper investigates the top Weibo accounts whose follower lists duplicate or nearly duplicate each other (hereafter called near-duplicates). The network is large; the data in its entirety are not available; the pair-wise comparison is very expensive.

They are created to sell their following links to customers, who want to boost their follower counts.

These bogus accounts are difficult to identify individually, especially when they are created by sophisticated programs or controlled by human beings directly.

At some point in the near or distant future, these men are going to attempt to make some sort of sexual advance on one or more of their ‘female friends,’ and animosity and drama is going to surely ensue.It is a unique opportunity for men to meet other men of various races, ethnicities, or nationalities.Although we welcome everyone at our events, this event is especially geared towards men who date without regard to race or ethnicity.What many men are taught to do by many conventional ‘Pickup Artist’ (PUA) types is to initially, temporarily, or indefinitely give a woman the impression that his primary interest is Relationship Type C , but then, once that woman enthusiastically agrees to have sex with him, that man will then slowly but surely reveal to the woman that he has no desire for any type of relationship that is long-term or monogamous.The question is, why did this man wait until with a woman?

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