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A step back in time: Clayton Mac Dovvell's top hat and Abby Wolf's parasol are reminiscent of clothes worn decades ago. I Colorful Couple: Steph Le Blanc and Dan Gleason are Classic: Katie Hanson and Ryan Bower look impeccable in hard to overlook in their vibrant blue prom attire, basic black and white. Lookin' Good: Eric Kaufman, Brandon Anderson, Da\'e Lombardo, Tyler Happy: Alicia Harris Lindsa\' Castagno, and Tim Gustus picked out the perfect tuxedoes. The first part of his Wayland career was teaching Mathematics for 31 years and serving as department head for 19 years. She served as chairperson of amicitiae, advisor to SABSE, chairperson of the WTA scholarship committee, in which role she is a member of the WTA executive board. He taught here for almost 5 years (in the 70's) before de- parting to pursue a career in the private sector. Wilk has taught business courses which include Basic and Advanced Accounting, In- vestment and Management, Business Management, etc. Wilk is our entire business department with the exception of one section of Stock Market/Marketing. Wilk has also taught social studies (i.e., College Modern World History, and electives "Civics, Citizenship and the Law" as well as "Turn of the Century"). Wilk has been the advisor for the Business Careers Club and is well known around campus as the "VOICE" (public announcer of football and basketball games). : Wishing they were in Paris, Emily Bright, Melissa Pease, Kate ligan, Sarah Mclnturff, Alicia Harris, and Aliya Khalidi, and other members of the French Club settled for Quebec (left). Beach Beauties: Marisa Falone, Hannah Klempner, Melissa Pond, and Abby Bridgeo relax on the beach (left). : Jia Jia Hou, Vickie Curtis, Anna Hadingham, Melissa Pease, Julie Kling, and Emily Goldstein take a break from bouncing to pose for the camera (below). : Vishnu Kannabiran only stayed for a second, before he drove off in a cloud of smoke (above). Stather has been at Wayland High School for 36 years. Wilk was advisor for the Close-Up Program, taking a large group of juniors to Washington for a week of related activities. Hank Wilk is in his 10th year of second term employment at Wayland High School. : Siobhan Parone, Ashley New- ton, Jess Grady, Meghan Sherry, and Sarah Slote visit Nickerson State Park on Cape Cod (above). Stather taught were Algebra, Geometry, Honors Algebra, Honors Geometry, BC Calculus, CP Math 3, Math Analysis, etc. Stather served as Class Advisor for the Class of 1972 and the Class of 1988. Beach Bound: Jess Hermanson, Katie Hanson, and Nina Lordi vacationing at Virginia Beach. : Chrissy Lopez and Jesse Mc Cormick take a break from swimming to take a picture Sun and Sand: Matt Owen, Alisa Perry, Steph Wohler, Josh Rapoport, Malvina Niemierko, Adam Romanow, and Codv Gantz camp on Cape Cod. Aww...: Sophomores Bryna Bock-Shields and Emily Berardi are all hugs and smiles (above). Study Buddies: Matt Becker, Alisa Perry, \Iik( Schor, and Mr. Cool Down: Pat Higgins, John Michalczyk, and Marisa Falone take a well-deserved break after participating in the Walk to Cure Diabetes (below). He coached the track team for four years, advised the Math Team and coached the Girl's Track team as assistant coach. Stather ser\'ed as President of Neighborhood Association of Math Department Heads and as a member of the Board of Directors of Teachers of Mathematics in Eastern Massachustts as well as in the leadershi role on the Board of Directors for the Wayland Teachers Association and treasurer. Stather volunteered foi the School's Faculty Committee, School Council as well as the high school's Student Study Team. Stather helped in the development of the Academic Center, M. from Wheaton College in European History and American Studies and an M. Lunch Buds: Ben Damm, Jen Destefano, and Mary Mc Connell enjoy each other's company.

Senior Jon Greenleaf gives twin Sarah a piggyback ride.

Pe^M 21 22 -fmjpofr Ac TVi JEjii Front: Anya Slavin, Meghan Sherry, Kieran Johal, Samantha Todd, Margaret Cromwell, Nicole Villari, Jessica Grady, Amanda Pond, Caroline Meliones, Amanda Solomon, Macie Perkins.

Back: Stephanie Gibson, Siobhan Parone, Lee Mirbach, Sarah Slote, Ava Fragale.

His succesful transition to administration is marked by his ability to always keep the needs of students as the core of everything he does. Stather is retiring as a distinguished educator and his presence will certainly be missed in this schoolhouse Linda Stather has taught Spanish at Wayland High School since 1971, making this her 32cd year. Stather holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Edinboro University and a Master of Arts degree from Middlebury College in Spanish. Gagne is in her 33rd year of teaching and her 4th year in the leader- ship position of the mathematics department head at Wayland High School. Some of her assignments have included honors algebra 2, geometry, functions, statis- tics and trigonometry, college prep math 1, precalculus, discrete math, etc. Mike Sullivan serves shots at Starbucks Coffee in Wayland (left).

She has taught a range of student ability from Spanish IIA to the II Honors, to the IV College level. Stather has acquainted students with the life and language of Spanish, Mexican, and Central American and South American peoples. Stather has served on the Faculty Committee, System- Wide Technology Committee, Diversity Commit- tee, Scheduling Committee, Wayland Teachers Association Executive Board, and Executive Board (Building Rep) for the WTA. Stather has participated in a program to provide gifts from WHS Spanish students for underprivileged families in the Framingham area. Stather has also devoted tutoring time to Boston students in their afternoon program. She also served 3 years as the Yearbook Advisor (a position which requires an enormous amount of dedication and commitment) from 1991-1994, co-advisor to the Math Team, and a member of the Faculty Committee. Gagne was selected as a winner of the 2001 Edyth May Sliffe Award for Distinguished High School Mathematics Teaching. Wilk's 21st year of teaching at Wayland High School. Aubrey De Carlo chats on the phone at work at Starbucks Coffee in Wayland (below).

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