Disabled men and dating

I thought we hit it off pretty well then she just disappeared. I am a Nurse , I have seen plenty and one thing that IRKS the mud out of me is people that use their disability as an excuse to live a life of sorrow.. Being disabled does seem to limit my interaction with the opposite sex. I know a lot of women who say they want to START OUT as friends, but I cherish my friends, so taking that step into the realm of relationships is not one I'm generally going to take.She finally wrote back that she had found someone else, lol. GOD BLESS ALL OUR SOLDIERS...prayers for all disabled people no matter what the disability. true , I am not disabled and I do not know what you are going through emotionally at times. I like his company and he enjoyed life .2- I danced with a man that was in a wheelchair. I have had more success when the friendship grew alongside the romance. She giggled, patted me on the head like I was a DOG and said "Awww, how cuuuuutttte!I now use a wheelchair for long distances and when in crowds.

Monthly Users: 3.8 million URL: Bragging Rights: Helping everyone find their “special match” My Special Match was created by Shannon and her husband, who have a daughter with special needs.tufflilmutt everyone is a human being and everyone should think of THAT first. Just means you both may have to do a little creative thinking on how to accomplish something. BUT this much I do know :1- I have danced with a man that had one leg and used a crutch to steady himself. When I got tired , I sat in his lap and we slow danced, he had both legs missing. Where we knew going in we're actually trying for something bigger than "hey buddy, old pal o mine! Not one of the normal "stuck up" girls like you see in some of these movies. " Not sure whether to slap her or cry, I settled on merely rolling away and in the days that followed, just acted like nothing was wrong. I tried dancing but found I have 2 left wheels (badumpbump).If someone cares about you they will do whatever it takes to make you happy. He was very good with that wheelchair and still is.3- I played basketball with a guy with one arm and one foot. " (On that note, I think the best/worst rejection I ever personally experienced was in high school. Being a writer, I tend to get quiet if too many people are around. LOL) I think a big problem with the women that I have dated is that they don't seem to "Get It". There will come a time when I will wake up and be able to run faster than Usain Bolt, but that morning will be the morning I arrive in Heaven. Some of the things I talk about needing aren't just me being selfish. I think we need to stop feeling sorry for our selves and focus on being involve in our communities, and who know some hot young woman might even notice, and let nature take its course. Friend, Im a disabled person, or should I say, A man with a disability, and it dont make a darn bit of difference whether your disabled or not, and if there's some who say it makes a difference they not US who aren't worth knowing to start with.

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