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This happens often when meeting people in dating websites, so you have to be careful. Tell me, what actions do you see from someone through an online chat room?If you come to Ecuador to meet with her, the best advice we can give you is, leave the emotions back in the U. Don’t become overly attached because it may not be the right woman for you. We have traveled extensively throughout the countries of Ecuador and Panama. Subscribe to this blog for real, everyday life experiences living in Latin America. In Ecuador many of the young ladies come from not so well off families and in some cases they actually SEEK to marry a man with money to help the family out. : in the unfortunate event of a break up, have you thought about the children?

Part of being a Latino man is being emotionally volatile as well as being viewed as a firecracker with the ladies.She may be pretty and nice when viewing her in a live chat room but what does her heart say? Be friends, spend as much time together as you can, learn what she is about, what she expects in a marriage, what kind of a lady is she, but use your sensibilities rather than emotions.After getting to know her and you find she is all that you want for a wife and more then you will be blessed.In the Philippines many women wish to marry anyone and come here to US. As you know, putting two strangers together into a commitment of Marriage is already a challenge without adding additional hurdles such as different language, different culture and different place. It sounds like you think you love this woman whom you have never met and don’t know very well, which shows us that you are allowing your emotions to lead the relationship rather than your sensibilities. It may take more than a 3-month VISA stay in Ecuador to find out if a woman has a commitment to be with you for life. This is one reason why she may not want to move to the U. Contrary to popular belief, divorce does a lot of emotional damage to children and sometimes scars them for life.Marriage is a lifetime commitment and just flying off to another country, thinking you met the girl of your dreams online and whisking her off to the U. There is nothing wrong with marrying an Ecuadorian and taking her back to your homeland but you haven’t even met the woman and not only that, but you don’t even know her or her family. We have also heard some horror stories about gringos marrying foreign women; one such story was from a man who took his Philippine bride back to the United States and after gaining a bit of u.s. and in your case, it looks like you don’t know her at all.

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Once you’re there, though, they will happily demand exactly what they want, be it attention, sex or commitment.

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