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Meredith later described her high school years to Cristina by saying, "I wore a lot of black. Wouldn't have been caught dead at prom." She went to college at Dartmouth, and despite excessive drinking and partying, she graduated.Following her graduation, Ellis suggested that Meredith find another direction in her life, not being convinced that her daughter had what it took to survive medical school and make it in the surgical world.She was married to Derek Shepherd until his death and they have two daughters, Zola and Ellis and a son, Bailey.When Meredith was young, her father, Thatcher, would bring her to Seattle Grace Hospital to visit her mother, Ellis, at work.In the 8th grade, her English class had to read Romeo & Juliet. But Meredith was not happy, and she complained to her teacher that Juliet was an idiot because she had fallen for the one man she knew she could never have. She told her that if Juliet was stupid enough to fall for the enemy, drink a bottle of poison and go to sleep in a mausoleum, then she deserved whatever she got.Therefore, at the age of 13, she was very clear that love, like life, was about making choices.He tried to visit her on several occasions, but he got nowhere.

She is the daughter of the now-deceased Ellis Grey, a famed general surgeon, and Thatcher Grey.Miranda Bailey allowed Meredith to scrub into a surgery that day on a patient being treated for an inoperable tumor. Richard Webber was quite disturbed, and also feeling a little guilty, at the sight of the doll, as he had been reminded of a young Meredith craving her mother's attention and love, yet not getting it since Ellis was not only very focused on her surgical career, but also because he and Ellis were having an affair when they were both interns and residents.Meredith's parents had a troubled marriage, though part of this was due to Ellis spending too much time working and normal everyday problems.Eventually, Richard broke off his relationship with Ellis, as he felt he was being the better man, by walking away from Ellis, with Meredith only meters away, riding on a carousel.Meredith vaguely remembered her mother's pregnancy with Webber's child after he broke it off.

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Following an argument about Meredith's future, Meredith spent two months traveling in Europe with her best friend Sadie Harris, who also hated Ellis.

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