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They were like a city within a city, and when people out here talk about the old days, they inevitably mention the legend of the House of David.“They had a profound impact on Benton Harbor,” said Bob Myers, curator of the Berrien County Historical Association’s museum.” Anybody that grew up here, back in the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, early ‘70s, you hear that all the time.

Everybody remembers the House of David.”But a lurid sex scandal involving the group’s leader brought a court trial, unflattering national media coverage and a swift end to the colony, which split in two and slowly died off over the years. There’s even a bar in town that promotes a beer it brews using spring water from one of the colonies.

But his true passion is the House of David baseball team, which has its own floor in his new museum just outside downtown St. House of David baseball began as a distraction from celibacy, Siriano said.

“They had a lot of teenage boys with a lot of pent-up energy.

Benjamin noticed that they had some pretty good athletes, so they started a baseball team.”They began playing on the semi-pro circuit and became a huge draw, not just for their talent, but especially their looks.

A thousand people came to Benton Harbor to follow him.And millions came to visit them.“It was amazing the amount of entertainment and excitement there,” said Chris Siriano, the owner of the House of David museum in St. “They wanted to have fun; they wanted to invite America into their lives; they loved to entertain and laugh and have a blast.They always told me it was a means to an end, to get them to tomorrow, ‘cause tomorrow was when paradise was coming.' ”For years, they had their own zoo and amusement park, their own electricity plant, their own hospital, their own schools, and dozens of their own businesses.Gosh, he taught that he was the Messiah and the messenger of God. Men were forbidden to shave or cut their hair based on a verse in the Bible, which meant members were instantly identifiable by their long hair and beards.And everything that was theirs and everything they would earn went back to the group, which fueled an economic empire.

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House of David founder Benjamin Purnell is seen standing with his followers outside of the House of David ice cream shop in Benton Harbor in a photo on display at the House of David Museum in St. “It’s just a super mysterious, twisted, secret, unusual, fascinating story that touches everything from entertainment, to sports, to sex — or lack thereof — to religion, to everything,” Siriano said. Married couples who joined had to then regard themselves as brother and sister.

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