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Also a manual mode is new for when you are running around taking pictures to be uploaded to your website/email account on the go with one simple tap. Invisible Background mode available now to save power or hide the cam.

Autofocus can now be used in and the camera can be remote-controlled by sending SMS commands to your phone.

And the killing isn’t going to stop unless Trixa and her friends step into the fight.

Estimating Estimating has become County Line’s most important step in the entire repair process.

For this use case an email notification can be sent containing a link for her to view on her phone or pc at work.

Body Repair As a family oriented business, providing our customers with a proper repair is our top priority.

Also waits for gps now, shows more motion detection info, some repairs from reports (config.txt, crash on devices without wifi?

, higher default cam delay, ...) Edit: version 2.98: imprint picture scaling, all transparent colors can be set, sdcard delete old pictures, a little work on gps stuff Edit: version 2.97: night auto stuff again, sdcard file broadcast to mediascanner, transparent colors can be set, camera deadlock for event trigger photo burst fix Edit: version 2.96: night auto disable fix, sdcard path, imprint stamp picture downloadable from URL Edit: version 2.95: night setup, camera open wait time for phone that otherwise produce overexposed pictures in the background modes Edit: version 2.93: default exposure back to 50 (fix for darker pictures), front cam flip/rotate, possibility for trigger pause time, dropbox batch upload Edit: version 2.92: fixed crash, made camera effect setting (zoom, exposure, white balance, color effect, scene mode) more interactive, fixed mirrored pictures Edit: version 2.87: picture burst mode after trigger, moved broadcast receiver mode to event triggers, added event notification to email, added more camera settings (scene modes, color effects), timestamped httppost filename for opensmartcam Edit: version 2.86: color stuff, alignment, ftp ending fix, background mode switch fix Edit: version 2.85: shutdown, imprints, galaxy S camera error 0 fix, email trigger Edit: version 2.82: ftp batch mode, small fixes Edit: version 2.81: some new config crash fixes fixed, log, backup/restore, keep ftp connection log frequency Edit: version 2.76: more webinterface, config help, fullscreen preview option, fix for crash on large screen devices (sorry, I do not own one) Edit: version 2.73: custom font and typeface added to imprint settings, crash fix for opensmartcam reg error Edit: version 2.7: Welcome screen, remote control website (see, 2.71 fixes the original size picture upload if not enough memory Edit: version 2.64: Nexus 7 frontcam only devices work now Edit: version 2.63: dropbox authentication method changed to web Edit: version 2.61: flashlight toggle 2.62 Actionbar for Android 3.0 Edit: version 2.52: custom picture sizes ( fix from 2.51) Edit: version 2.37: started to experiment with photo effects like instagram Edit: version 2.36: webserver (wifi only) now also streams mjpeg, ... I already thought about using my little webspace and allow only one refresh a day or so to enable people to try the app but that will be so much better!

they even sell or rent complete cameras based on Mobile Web Cam.

Edit: The app can now also automaticilly email the pics, upload to ftp or simply store them on sdcard.

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