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Shepherd, said he, is it true, that so cruel a calamity has befallen you? auf einem feurigen Stoffe flog jiolj ein Änabe bafier. 211^ jle nun in ij^rem neuen ®lanje bajianb, famen bie Sperlinge wieber, i^re alten äBo^nun^ gen ju fud^en* Sllleih fie fanben jle äße vermauert. Just at the same time 1 heard the reproaches and abuse of a sheep with the most admirable indifference, although I had no protecting dogs to fear. consisting of two or more simple sentences joined together, as those in §.

The wolf heard this, and came to ofl Fer bis condol- ence. Dae ^at er aud^ wirflid^ , fügte bed ©d^dfer^ .^unb f^inju, fo oft er unter bem Unglürf feinet 5Wa(^jien felbji leibet. 19 ®ne alte Äir^e, welche ben Sperlingen imja^lige 9tefier gab , warb auegebeffert. Once upon a time, I remember, a bleating lamb, which had strayed from the herd, came so near me, that I could easily have despatched it; but I did it no in- jury.

226-232 214 Sectlon IL Syntax of the Attributive Combinalion.

Attributive Com- bination expressed by Compounds 232.

You can search through the füll icxi of ihis book on the web at | //books. Those desirons of extending tbeir studies farther in this dlrection^ are referred to the.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Moreover^ rules which are extremely simple^ when founded upon proper theory, are frequently ren- dered very complicated and incomplete, when se- parated from their natural basis ; and (hus the study of the language is rendered notoriously di Sicult to foreigners. V The author is fu Uy aware^ that in introduciag to the English reader a terminology in a great mea^ sure'new, and in devoting more attention than i$ usnally done^ to the theoretical part of tho Gram- mar^ he incurs the risk of discouraging some of those^ who are entire strangers to the principles of Grammar; 4)ut he may be permitted to State that a long experience in teaching the principles of the German language to Englishmen^ appears to him fo Uy to prove the practica! This new edition accordingly is^ like the first^ founded upon the author's system of German Grammar^ which has been adopted by almost all modern German Gram- marians^ and has been introduced into a great number of oar OM'n schools.

Äbout Google Book Search Google's mission is to organizc the world's Information and to make it univcrsally accessible and uscful. On the other band, this edition must be considered as a newworkof an entirely practica! Being sensible of the difiicnlty of the German language^ the author has been careful not only to avoid all those dif^ ficalt parts of grammatical theory^ which are not indispensably neoessary for the beginner^ bnt also to explain in a populär and intelligible way what«* ever might afford any difßculty to persons hitherto ■»•/■■"«^ r^ p '% ^S. such as are found in any of our numerons An- tbologies.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to Copyright or whose legal Copyright term has expired.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country.

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Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each flle is essential for informingpcoplcabout this projcct and hclping them lind additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are lesponsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. rectly, without having a previous knowledge of thc theoretical part of grammar and applying this knowledge to the practica!

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