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Thankfully, some of our favorite comedians can relate, and we found the love quotes to prove it.Not only are these hilariously funny love quotes, they're 100 percent spot on, and from some of the world's most famous, influential people to date.1.He would get all these calls because supposedly before we broke up,we had already broken up in the trades,in the rags or whatever.- Rosario Dawson I don't understand the whole dating thing.I know right off the bat if I'm interested in someone,and I don't want them to waste their money on me andtake me out to eat if I know I'm not interested in that person.- Britney Spears We had two rules growing up in my house: If you're going to take a shower,do it with whomever you're dating so you don't waste water;and if you buy one for yourself,buy six, because everybody's going to want one.- Moon Unit Zappa Pamela Anderson Lee released a statement confirmingthat she has had her breast implants removed.So I was really selling him hard, but the whole time he really wanted me!- Andie Mac Dowell The learned are not agreed as to the time when the Gospel of John was written;some dating it as early as the year 68,others as late as the year 98; but it is generallyconceded to have been written after all the others.- Simon Greenleaf It was funny actually because that was still during the time we were dating.

Thus we would be pleased and grateful if you shared some of such sayings that you know.

But it's definitely different when you're dating.- Brooke Burns I've been dating since I was fifteen. What's a home and family for if it's not the center of one's life? Most of the girls I go out with are just good friends.

Just because I go out to the cinema with a girl,it doesn't mean we are dating.- Leonardo Di Caprio Nothing defines humans better than their willingnessto do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs.

Well, apparently I'm dating bill Clinton,which makes me nervous.

I didn't know, though.- Julie Bowen Dating is just awkward moments and one person wants more than the other. I think it's a very real thing.- Jason Schwartzman I'm not very experienced with boys or the whole dating thingy.- Vanessa Hudgens Dodi got a lot of criticism when he began dating Princess Diana.

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Because love is funny-strange, but it's also funny ha-ha.

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