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In post to her blog titled “The wedding that didn’t happen,” Palin thanked her supporters and looked to the future. Marine Dakota Meyer, reality star Bristol Palin broke her silence.The title of Bristol Palin's latest blog post sums it up: "The Wedding That Didn't Happen."Bristol, 24, was set to marry U. Marine Dakota Meyer, 26, over Memorial Day weekend but canceled the nuptials a week ago.Some speculated the wedding was called off because "I guess you have seen by now that the wedding — that was supposed to happen last weekend — was called off," Bristol writes."Someone asked about her 'boyfriend,' and she turned bright red blushing! "It was cute." PHOTOS: A look back at Bristol and Levi Palin has not always been lucky in love.

Bristol called off two separate engagements to Levi in the following years.

They also said Bristol posted the news on her private Facebook. That might explain why Bristol reacted so badly to Levi and Sunny's baby news.

She's jealous, Levi has someone and she is all alone.

PHOTOS: Bristol's wild DWTS days The couple's relationship is still new, but insiders say the single mom -- she has a 4-year-old son, Tripp, with ex Levi Johnston -- is "smitten." "She really likes him!

She is a quiet person, so [she] hasn't been gushing about him, but she has been texting with him a lot the past few weeks," a source tells Us, adding that she seems to "light up" whenever she gets a message from Junker.

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“Gino and I are going to wait until marriage,” she tells In Touch. It’s between me and God, and I know it’s right.” Paoletti is a pipeine worker who used to date Levi’s sister, Mercede Johnston.

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