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You *could* think of a huge, muscular guy on steroids that’s yelling at the girls, like “Hey you! But they’re doing very dominant things physically in their actions that are very subtle, but which most guys can’t pull off.So what I’ve found, is that dominance is the universal underpinning of attraction.There’s a couple more reasons why I like the dominance model for getting girls.If you begin pickup starting at the frame of dominance, and you are acting dominant throughout the interaction, that will naturally bleed into the kind of sex you have with the girl – which will be crazy dominant and submissive sex – where you’re pulling the girl’s hair, you’re talking dirty to her, where she feels more open and free to act like a freak in the sheets.Because having children with him, would mean having more resources and her children would more likely survive into the next generation.So women are hardwired to respond to the guy that can build and lead social circles and can build and lead a functioning tribe.So she will go with the flow more, and do freaky things you want to do in the bedroom, because it’s more consistent with who you were during the social interaction… Another reason I like dominance is because it requires that you develop an ecosystem of good habits.

And that goes back to tribal societies which human beings have been living in for the last millions of years.For example, let’s say that your focus is on being positive instead.You’re a super positive guy, you’re going to use the principle of state transference to get the girl into a good mood, with positive emotions, and you got a big smile on your face. Well, the girl is going to react in bed to you in a particular way. So then, if you switch personalities in bed and you come across as being more kinky and dominant, say pulling her hair and giving her orgasms, you could freak her out a little bit.So there’s many different ways to come at getting girls, all valid in their own ways, but what I’ve found is that when you get dominance handled, a lot of these other issues naturally fall into place.And I don’t want you to get this caricatured, cartoon picture of what is a dominant man or dominant behavior. ” And just roughly pulling her in without any calibration, trying to make out with her, and creeping the girls out. A lot of very dominant guys come across as just being friendly and cool, and relaxed and centered, and they get the girls chasing them.

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