How to start sex chat lonely friend

You may feel lonely in your marriage, but you are not alone in the struggle for marital intimacy.

We have all experienced loneliness in our lives, but you don’t have to feel it in your marriage. How have you responded to these feelings, and what have you done to reconnect with your spouse?

Take the first step to reconnecting with them, even if it’s just a small gesture.

Open up to them about how you feel and give them an opportunity to do the same.

Many women write to me perplexed about why they can’t form close friendships.

The negative impact of more moves during childhood was far greater for introverts compared to extroverts.

Couples have to be intentional about their time together to create a marital connection. This is not just referring to sexual intimacy, though that is certainly an important part of marital closeness, but also to the little things that may have fallen by the wayside like holding hands or snuggling on the couch.

When you and your spouse are talking, put down your cell phone, set aside distractions, and focus on each other. The key to resurrecting physical touch is to start small.

Healing cannot begin if you hide or mask your pain. Especially if you have been feeling alone for a long time, hurts have likely been building up in your marriage.

Nothing breeds loneliness more than unforgiven hurt and conflict.

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