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However, I've been on a "lifestyle change" for about five years now and recently when I find myself attracted to a guy's personality, then I notice he's fat-in-the-belly, I try to shut the attraction off.I used to generally be drawn to fat men and prefer to date them because I didn't want to date anyone who was smaller than me or had a much fitter body than me; it was a total attraction killer.

I put it to you this way: Are Women Attracted to Fat Men? Saturday, June 21, 2008, PM Only very recently have I started viewing fit & toned men as more attractive than fat men.

In fact, poor hygiene may be mistaken as a sign of depression and a grumpy attitude.

Some of the key things to watch out for are nose hair, excessive body hair, droopy eyes, scruffy hairstyles and an overall unkempt look.

Here are some tips that the slightly bulky race of men should know.1) Fat and chubby guys shouldn't wear tight clothes Tight clothes are meant to highlight athletic or muscular bodies.

A slightly overweight body will not deter a woman from loving a man and a slight bulk will not make a charming guy any less hot or sexy.

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