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And who doesn’t love the classic Peanuts cartoon, with Linus’ unshakeable devotion to the Great Pumpkin? Lantern’s pretty cute too, and Jack makes a fine year-round moniker. Pretty perfect name by " /, Frank (or Frankie for a girl) is a perfect Halloween name that also works great for the rest of the year.It’s especially effective for long-bodied dogs, from Dachshunds to Corgis and beyond. Scooby Doo — The greatest ghost-fighting Great Dane of all time, along with his cohorts Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred, are well worth naming your dog after.We’ll crunch the numbers, comparing baby name rankings from your birth year to give you a dog name of equal popularity. We discovered that dog names also reflect the unique culture of America’s cities.From coast to coast, dog lovers choose names for a new pet that reflect hometown pride.Since it takes a special owner to bring a white dog home we thought you might like your own list of white dog names to review. Imagine calling out a name 20 times a day that you struggle to say, actually don't like or shortens to something less likeable!Here we have a great selection of white dog names, obvious ones like Arctic or Snowy and perhaps some less obvious ones like Alabaster or Raisin (think of those black eyes)!An owner who wants to highlight the fact that his dog is as big as a horse may call it Stybba, the name of a horse from "The Lord of the Rings." Names commonly used for large male dogs can be appropriate for dogs of other sizes as well.

Dogs are family members, and their names, like our pet sitters and dog walkers, have to be perfect.These guys are often passed over at the shelters, but they’re anything but evil and deserve good homes (and great names! Pumpkin — Pumpkin’s been used as a term of endearment for at least a hundred years, so you wouldn’t be out of your gourd if you chose this sweet name for your best pal.It’s also pretty perfect for a pup whose coat has some orange in it or for one who’s a little bit round and plump.Most if not all of these names meet that criteria, or at least they have a nickname that addresses that issue.Also, please think about adopting a black dog (or cat) this season. Depends on the dog, but both are great dog names by" / 1.

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Dogs with high energy and fearless spirits do well with big names.

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