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I don’t want it this way, but it’s simply the harsh reality of the situation.

In today’s age of shunning men, extreme female promiscuity, and generally degenerate culture (celebrity worship, obesity, rape culture, etc.), why would men rush to jump in front of a bullet for a Western woman?

They want to allow the refugees whose culture routinely kills homosexuals into the country.

Do they not know that Muslims throw gays off of roofs ( graphic photos), or shoot them in public?

Perhaps alarming for the liberal movement determined to let these invaders take over Europe, but certainly not alarming for any of us who live in a world of reality.

However, this is the first time that the feminist movement has ever been so blatant with their message: a woman’s life is infinitely more valuable than a man’s, and a man should not hesitate to give his for hers… To prove the of their logic, let’s imagine this scenario: If you are walking down the street one day, and a woman is being raped by a dozen refugees, the liberals would have you believe that trying to defend her is your duty as a man.

If there were a large supply of women that were worth dying for, it’s that I would have married one of them (or been close to it) by now.

I’d be thinking about starting a family and how to best raise my children.

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