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Last year, the court ruled that a man demanding a dowry from his partner in a live-in relationship could also be prosecuted under the country's anti-dowry laws.The Supreme Court is only taking note of the fact that sexual mores and attitudes are changing.In a country where talking about sex and relationships largely remains taboo, it is interesting to see India's highest court debating relationship outside marriage. "It is almost if marriage laws exist to legalise sexuality, punish any deviation from legally sanctioned rules and, of course, to legitimise the children of the marriage," says lawyer Indira Jaisingh.The fact that the courts are according legitimacy to relationships outside marriage is welcome and shows they may be facing up to realities.It is a gripping and scholarly investigation into what must count as one of the most shameful chapters in the history of the Empire.The scarcity, Mukherjee writes, was caused by large-scale exports of food from India for use in the war theatres and consumption in Britain - India exported more than 70,000 tonnes of rice between January and July 1943, even as the famine set in.This would have kept nearly 400,000 people alive for a full year.

The famine ended at the end of the year when survivors harvested their rice crop.People were too weak even to cremate their loved ones."No one had the strength to perform rites," a survivor tells Mukherjee."Apparently it is more important to save the Greeks and liberated countries than the Indians and there is reluctance either to provide shipping or to reduce stocks in this country," writes Sir Wavell in his account of the meetings. "Winston may be right in saying that the starvation of anyhow under-fed Bengalis is less serious than sturdy Greeks, but he makes no sufficient allowance for the sense of Empire responsibility in this country," he writes.Some three million Indians died in the famine of 1943. In a shocking new book, Churchill's Secret War, journalist Madhusree Mukherjee blames Mr Churchill's policies for being largely responsible for one of the worst famines in India's history.

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The first shipments of barley and wheat reached those in need only in November, by which time tens of thousands had already perished.

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