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Fossa is a professor at Norway's University of Oslo.

"The results showed a very strong correlation between men getting older and reduced sexual functioning, but not between age and sexual satisfaction," Fossa says.

Watching Liv get hot and bothered over absolutely everything was fun enough, but what really made the brain’s personality takeover work was how Liv was so obviously inappropriate at times—and how she recognized that inappropriateness.

Liv ogling Ravi’s ass is fine (sort of); Liv smacking his ass in the workplace—while hilarious—is not so fine, and she calls herself out for it immediately.

The Flashing Images above are designed to provide a "Mental Image" of what takes place when your brain's Pleasure Pathway is stimulated by activities associated with feeling good.

We don't have to become "Thrill Seekers" to stimulate our Reward System.

If killing someone in fiction can be considered fun, water hemlock is the definite way to do it.

Not only is hemlock fun to say, but it also leads to the inevitable Socrates joke, and how often can you organically work a Socrates joke into a modern drama on The CW?

Even the wise use of the basic necessities of life, such as eating, drinking and physical exercise stimulate our "Pleasure Pathway." But staying sexually active has its own set of rewards because you receive so many benefits from one activity.

According to recent studies frequent orgasms, at least 100 per year, can increase Life Expectancy by 3 to 8 years.

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Just because the case was kind of a drag at times, however, doesn’t mean the brain involved in the case wasn’t a total delight.

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  1. For Steven, the real-life experience of Sandy's emotional, controlling and fiery temperament was still quite biting. Others don't believe the myth but know how to exploit it, according to Elaine Kim, Professor at UC Berkeley.