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The example shows us setting the type of data which should be entered into the text box and then subscribing to the corresponding event.

In that event handler, we check if the input is valid (don't know what all that does, but it works - play with it) and, if so, cast the value to the correct data type in order to use for some purpose.

If you do this, as well as subscribe to the Type Validation Completed event, on the form Load event, you can handle user validation inside your Type Validation Completed event handler.

I began by inheriting from the crusty Masked Text Box control.If any of these undesirable characters are found, we make a quick call to our Correct Date Text method, and straighten things out on the fly, so to speak.Next, we want to perform a check when the user navigates away from the control, to be sure that what they have entered is, in fact, a valid date, as well as to perform any additional re-formatting required. The So, the thing which was driving me crazy about this control (and the Masked Text Box from which it derives) was that there did NOT seem to be a way to cause the text in the control to be selected upon entry, such as when an invalid string was entered, and the user is returned to the control to fix it. There are some limitations resulting from the need to get it done NOW which some design improvements would correct. You can find the source code for this at my Github repo.I just discovered that the Masked Text Box control allows you to set the type of data which should be entered in the control and helps you do the validation of that data when necessary.The trick is to set the Validating Type of the Masked Text Box control to the type of data you want to get from the user.

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