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Maybe he left quickly to start working on his unforgettable role in wrapped, and the stories of Topher Grace hating his castmates may have been sensationalized by the media.In 2013, Danny Masterson posted an Instagram photo of his former castmates singing around a piano—Grace even has his arm around Kutcher in the pic.Unfortunately, it seems viewers didn't care for Buddy and Eric engaging in what's thought to be the first homosexual kiss ever on prime-time TV.

How the two hooked up in real life is interesting too.She decided it was more important to care for her husband and spend as much time with him as possible, which we totally understand.Lisa Robin Kelly, the first actress to play Eric Forman's sister Laurie, also had to leave the show during production, but it wasn't for reasons as touching as Roberts'.A decade later, Gordon-Levitt told , Grace was originally set to be the star of the show, and hints of this can be seen throughout his tenure.Many storylines revolved around Forman and his family.

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