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He was typically described in thinly veiled racist terms—a "gorilla" and "hands like big bananas".

Author James Baldwin understood Liston perhaps better than anyone in the press and sympathized with him and liked him, unlike boxing writers.

Twin F404-GE-402 turbofan engines allow the Hornet to achieve speeds above Mach 1.7.

At times The F/A-18 can be fitted with a variety of weapons systems to conduct both fighter and attack missions.

Raytheon’s Paveway laser-guided bombs are used for attack missions.Liston was the most intimidating fighter of his day, and considered by some, at the time of the Clay fight, to be among the best heavyweights of all time. Henry Cooper, the British champion, said he would be interested in a title fight if Clay won, but he was not going to get in the ring with Liston.Cooper's manager, Jim Wicks, said, "We don't even want to meet Liston walking down the same street." Boxing promoter Harold Conrad said, "People talked about [Mike] Tyson before he got beat, but Liston was more ferocious, more indestructible....F/A-18’s dispatched from an array of military bases and from U. aircraft carriers boast a combat radius exceeding 900 km.This makes the Hornet an especially potent instrument with which to project American power.

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