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Over the course of our relationship, he took me on ridiculous, impulsive trips. He was the product of a whirlwind romance between a 21-year-old woman and a 58-year-old man.His mom had committed suicide when he was 6, and his dad, now 88, had serious health issues.He wove story after story about his time in the department, about the lighting designs he'd helped to work on, about his childhood growing up in cities around England and the U. Though I sometimes assumed he was exaggerating, his "memories" were always consistent and incredibly fleshed out-filled with details.I'd never thought to question his entire life story.But then, once I was in deep, the major manipulations started.He convinced me to pay for flights and hotels out to Michigan for "work," to hand him cash for dinner meetings he got cornered into.Meanwhile, the goose chase for my reimbursement check continued.

He made friends everywhere he went and bonded quickly with my family and friends. From the beginning, he'd always made it clear that his life was complicated.

I kept demanding he pay me back, and he evaded me by contriving a massive goose chase for an illusive reimbursement check that I kept getting impossibly close to, but never actually got my hands on.

I loved him, so I let him justify everything to me. I opened up early on in our relationship, exposing that I'd previously dated an abusive man.

By that point, he'd claimed to have mailed my check somewhere in Colorado, and had gone completely MIA, not answering my calls or texts, coming up with one dramatic excuse after the next. It was like a switch had been flipped, and I suddenly realized the man I loved was not just a loser who had borrowed money from me-he was a thief.

Ten days later, the check hadn't come, he was still barely speaking to me, and he was making up all sorts of illogical excuses about the charge from the rental car company. Within 24 hours, I'd broken up with him, put my demand that he pay me back in writing, and cut him off completely.

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Things escalated when he managed to charge nearly $6,000 in rental cars to my credit card.

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