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I hope not to dishonor anyone since I am only 1/4 native indian blood. Our tribe was known as wearing the "horns of power" and "black face" .

My grandfather was a proud sheshaskewan...practiced strong medicine. I do not know much more because our council is gone and very few come from my lineage..people are somehow wiped out and not documented acccept by words from a few....

In the age of dating sites like, e Harmony and OKCupid, single folks are faced with a constant challenge: How can you sum up your Native awesomeness in a brief bio?

What’s the right mix of creativity, cuteness, honesty, exaggeration and cheeziness?

With such an alluring motto as that, it’s no wonder why many people wish to visit the country, or maybe even relocate permanently.Twitter users tackled it this week with the hashtag #Native Dating Site Bios and the results are pretty good. For the right fancy dancer, I’ll retire my snaggin’ blanket. If you ask me to choose between you and my beadwork/turquoise, you’ll be hitting the dirt road! Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I'm 37, single, live in Toronto, work both as a professional musician and during the day as a court reporter. My family originated just northeast of Tennessee, before the trail of tears...It would be wonderful if we could all introduce ourselves and offer our hands in friendship to everyone on the site and maybe even have a little virtual teaching circle for folks from all walks of life to participate in and learn about us and our culture. I don't want to blab on too much but just sayin' what's up? the wolf clanwe have members in the Deer Clan (not to be confused with the white deer clan) and glad to see some interesting folx.

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