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I am sure there are many of us who would benefit hearing your stories and perhaps, could even learn something new from you in our search for true love.As a professor of some twenty five years, I have always found storytelling to be a wonderful tool in providing clear examples for others to learn from and perhaps follow.There are many dating apps available, but how effective are they in India?Recently, a friend of mine called me up talking excitedly about a dating app.Some have been unsuccessful using love and other spells.

For others without the support of parents for whatever reason, our friends become our mentors, there to teach us basic survival techniques in a world that can often be somewhat cold and self-involved at times.As a community that is only some forty-five years old dating back to the days of Stonewall, we are still little children in comparison to the world in general.And, like small children, we all have the potential to learn quickly from our mistakes.So, to all those men who have found love, do us a big favor and tell us so we could perhaps know what to look for?After all, life is school and we are all learning something new every day, either good or bad, and should not always rely on our phones and computers to tell us what to do.

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