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‘Then Cath came along, and life became worth living’.The second time she saved him was ten years later, when a fire engulfed their home, Michael was sleeping off some pre-Christmas drinks.I couldn’t believe my luck, and as well as being on the album, it’s my next single. I've been fucking her since she was 16 and she's been fucking other men since she was 30.Cathy was woken up at 4.30am by choking smoke, and couldn’t find him.Risking death herself, she searched until she found him in another room and dragged him to safety.

Instead of seeking therapy for his depression, he kept his problems to himself.Michael Ball is nothing if not relentlessly cheerful. ‘For instance, I can’t now see more than a few feet in front of my face. If I have a night out, I know about it the next day and sometimes the day after that. In the Sixties, as a presenter of ITV’s pop programme Ready Steady Go! The heroine of the burgeoning teen power movement, she was a fashionista — before the term was invented — a style icon and Queen of the Mods.What lines there are on his cherubic face all point upwards, an indication that here is a man who laughs a lot. I walked into the Beeb this morning and almost collided with Mel C before I recognised her. Nowadays, Miss Mc Gowan, 19 years Michael’s senior, keeps out of the public eye and is only occasionally persuaded to be photographed on his arm in public.Then there are tracks that tap into his theatre career.‘Cath thinks this album is the best I’ve ever done’, he says. ‘The Perfect Song, especially written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Leslie Bricusse, and my version of Katie Melua’s Closest Thing To Crazy.’‘Tim’s a great friend and lives just down the road from me.So I emailed him asking if there might be a song from the new show that would be suitable for my album.

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He invited me round and, over a bottle of wine, we listened to the entire score and then we came to Fight The Fight, to which I quickly felt I could give a West Coast Eagles-style treatment.’A week later, Michael was invited to a reception at Number 11 Downing Street for movers and shakers of British theatre, attended, among others, by Tim and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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