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“Our new branding is more reflective of the way our members describe actual Cougar relationships and their own attitudes—confident and open to exploring new experiences.” There’s also some suggestion Cougar Life can help users recapture the spirit of their youth.The ad’s opening scenes show women primping for their dates and giddily checking out dudes on their phones, perhaps reliving the anticipation and excitement of their college/clubbing years.

Older women have miles more personality than younger women.Still, the brand’s “Find Your Moment” tagline lowered the sleaze factor considerably from its previous theme, “Life Is Short.Have an Affair.” Unhampered by Ashley Madison’s considerable baggage, Cougar Life—via Ruby’s in-house creative team—takes a simpler, more straightforward path in the new ad, inviting its target audience to meet youthful studs, pop a few corks and indulge in consensual fun.Neither of these is the appropriate or confident response to the onset of aging (in the same way that wearing a toupee is a poor response to the onset of male baldness, for example).An acceptance of reality is the best response, and the reality is not nearly as bad as so many women believe.

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  1. (These douches ain't going away anytime soon.) Ground Zero for the douchebag, according to Louis, is former ’90s power couple Richard Grieco and "Baywatch" babe Yasmine Bleeth, whose tragic tale is recounted in these pages.

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