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The rest, as they say, is history; September 29 marked Michelle and Kevin’s third wedding anniversary.“If it wasn’t for the dog, it would never have happened,” Michelle reflects.Even if the initial contact is online or otherwise sanslive canine, you still have an instant, mutually engaging, and virtually inexhaustible topic of conversation—dogs!

The two women met through the online business networking group, which posts photos of its members.How to get a date with a fellow dog owner The dog park is a great place to meet other singles with four-legged friends. Also, most play dates happen in homes or backyards so it's a great way to get invited to your love interest's pad."It's like asking someone out without all of the romantic expectations," Relucio said.There is ample time, while your dog frolics in the park, to strike up a conversation with a cute stranger. "Dog play dates are the best kind of first date."3.“She saw my picture with my Greyhounds,” says Sheryl, “and she wrote me and mentioned her love of animals.” Though Ryze has members all over the world, Michelle and Sheryl soon discovered that they lived only ten minutes apart and decided to meet for coffee.“We met one morning at ten, and by seven that evening we had come up with the whole concept of Leashes and Lovers,” recalls Sheryl.

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