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Essie's Spring/Summer 2012 Collection As much as I covet basically all of Dolce & Gabbana’s, Isabel Marant’s and Yves Saint Laurent’s Spring 2012 nail collections, I probably won’t be able to afford even the cheapest item from any of them.

My advice: head to wherever you buy your polish and try on a bunch of different neutrals until you find one you like!

It doesn’t get much more British than afternoon tea and this tea and crumpets-inspired nail polish is a subtle nod to the British monarchy.

A shimmery beige, it also looks great with lightly tanned skin.

As with neutrals, go to a drugstore or a salon and try a bunch on to figure out what you like! O' Leary's BBQ" My faves include OPI I’m Really Not a Waitress (.99 at Amazon), China Glaze Ruby Pumps (.50 at Amazon), and Essie Forever Young (.33 at Amazon).

My personal favorite is a vampier (no, spell check, not vampire) red, OPI’s Mrs. I’m partial to bright colors, but pick whatever floats your boat.

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