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Putting off a divorce for years due to financial issues is ridiculous unless you're Donald Trump and own millions in real assets.Even then, the lawyers want to conclude and get their final paycheck.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. My advice, wait til the divorce is final..easy for him to go back.Broke my rule of never dating a separated guy, met one from POF seven months ago, he had been separated from the ex just over a year, While seeing each other she ran into financial problems, begged him to allow her and the kids to move back in. In some cases such as mine I'm separated and it is final, unfortunately you have to wait a year before you can file for divorce.This arrangement, my extended separation, has only dissuaded one woman to not continue seeing me.We went out a few times and she said she really didn't want to get seriously involved with someone who wasn't available for a permanent relationship. She did say that I was more "available" than most guys she knew who were divorced.Twice shes tried to get him to get back together, they are too entwined between finances and the kids and many more obligations that have happened. I have dated men who are separated and had no problems with the ex and in another case the ex was a problem but not for him going back it was more she didn't want him but no one else could have him either, I was just not going to be part of that.That is why you take your time when getting to know anyone because everyone has an ex (whethered married or not) it can happen to any yeah, i'd date a guy that's separated providing he's not going back with his soon to be ex.

I say..go and give your heart freely....however be smart and make sure you communicate with this person and give yourself reassurance through said depends on the individual and it depends on the situation...

If you won't sign the divorce papers, it's because you like the situation you're in and don't want it to change, regardless of the reasons.

I might consider dating a separated man IF he has filed for divorce AND maintains a different residence.

I have been burned (babdly) in the past by someone who was seperated but not divorced...

I have been burned by someone never married and someone divorced...

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there are reasons as to why he's not divorced as of yet and the same thing goes with me as well.

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